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    Clickable Sequence of pages

      When I open Robohelp, on the first screen there is a link to "View the RoboHelp HTML Tutorial"
      If I click on that a tutorial appears in a nice format, with Contents, Index, Search panel on the left, a large info panel on the right and then above that right hand info panel, showing each of the topics listed one by one, linked with a line and a forward arrow on the right end and a backward arrow on the left. It basically is like a timeline of items showing the user the sequence they should step through.

      I would like to lay out a tutorial in this manner but cannot work out which of Robohelps designs/features enables me to create this panel layout.

      Can anyone help?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi lummas and welcome to our community

          This is a feature unique to compiled .CHM files created using RoboHelp. The feature is known as "Browse Sequences". Essentially, you click the Tools menu then Browse Sequence Editor. From there you create one or more browse sequences.

          Special things to note.

          1. Browse Sequences are presented this way in the Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (.CHM) format only. They can be used in the WebHelp/FlashHelp formats, but will appear differently in those formats.

          2. In order for browse sequences to work when the .CHM file is given to others, you need to distribute an additional file named HHActiveX.dll. Your end user also has to register the file in order to make Windows aware of it.

          All of this should be outlined nicely in the RoboHelp HTML Help file. Just crack it open and scan the Index using the term: Browse Sequences.

          Cheers... Rick