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    kuler app won't finish login after logging in!...

    Astara_ Level 1

      I haven't run Kuler in a while, and was surprised when ran it it said Air wasn't installed  (odd, I  don't remember uninstalling it...but then I'm running Win7 where .exe's disappear now and then for no apparent reason -- of course you aren't allowed to backup 'exe' files in your backup unless it's a complete image backup, so you can't restore them from a backup when they get "disappeared"...)...  Anyway, reinstalled it w/no errors or problems.


      Now I run kuler, and when I try to login.. it says 'User logged in', but then the signin window won't go away!!


      All I can do is hit 'Cancel', and then the 'main window', at the bottom right, says "Sign out" instead of "Sign in", but the menu says I'm not signed in and no color-samples  will display.


      ??? WT*bleep*?


      I did goto the kuler website and re-download the kuler.air app, and reinstall (a bit lame, since it died claiming another app was already installed in the location it wanted to install ... so had to rename the target-dir first before it would install)...but no difference...


      Help?  Ideas?