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    Not able to decode barcode in adobe livecycle ES2

    abhi_sing Level 1

      Hi, I have configured a Live cycle barcode form service to decode a barcode from TIFF file. It will decode the result in TEXT file.The Version used is Adobe LiveCycle 9.0. I am getting some Tiff files through fax channel. But my barcode decoder service is not able to decode the barcode.The barcode are in PDF 417 format. The same barcodes are getting decoded through BarcodedForms 7.5 ST. Please help so that we can decode the same using Adobe LC 9.0.

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          leesutton Level 3

          Abhi, when you were using the Barcoded Forms 7.5 ST decoder, were you using a version with a USB key plugged in?


          In this older business model the barcodes on the form were encrypted as a licensing mechanism but could be decoded with the right version of the decoder. If this is the case then you will need to re-extend your forms with a new Reader Extensions certificate to ensure they are no longer encrypted. The new decoder can not decode these encrypted barcodes.