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    Copy Pasting text from a document that Allows for Content Copying but gives me an error message


      I have Adobe 7.0. I am viewing a phone bill from Verizon Wireless. How do I copy paste the text so that I can manipulate data. Under Document Properties Security Method reads No Security. Content Copying or Extraction: Allowed. Content Extraction for Accessibility: Allowed.

      I have tried every way that appears possible. When I select all and click on Copy, I get an error message from Adobe Reader: "There was an error while copying to the clipboard. An internal error occurred."


      Given the Security setting reads "No Security" under Document Properties I don;t get why I can't copy. Also I have tried copy to clipboard. All that does is pastes the whole thing as an image and doesn't let me get to the text. I just want to sort on the data.


      What am I missing? This shouldn't be that difficult.


      Thank you