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    Combining an even pages file and an odd pages file into one PDF achieving propper order

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      Hello all!

      I have several documents that were scanned (in another application) using an autofeed scanner yielding one file for all frontpages (odds) and one file for all backpages (evens). I have these two files in PDF with comments on them. I would like to be able to combine the two files and achieve the right page ordering without doing it manually. Is there any way or script that may do this? I.e. insert page 1 from evens.pdf after page 1 from odds.pdf, page 2 from 2 (or 4 in real document) from evens.pdf after page 2 (3) in odds.pdf and so on?

      Any advice on how to achieve this while retaining comments on both documents will be greatly appreciated.


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