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    No Audio In After Effects CS5.5(Even after rendering)


      I currently have the After Effects CS5.5 Trial Version installed. I am running into a bad audio problem. For the first 2 days I have used it, the audio was fine, it played automatically and I didn't even have to render first to get it. Then, the third day, I got on that day and the audio jsut flat out didnt work. I did look it up on the forums and google, and nothing helped. I have tried rendering(with audio), using different video files and clips, and even reinstaling the trial. Nothing worked. The RAM Preview plays sound fine, and when I double-tap "L", the soundwaves do show, and they are accurate when played on the preview. I have tried WMV, AVI, and mp4 files, none of which have worked. I can edit and add effects and import picture and other files fine, but the audio simply doesnt work. I can't get audio by playing it normally.


      I know it is not usual to ask questions about the trial, or to even have them answered, but this is important because I want to buy After Effects CS5.5, and before I do, I need to know if this is a computer problem, or if I did something to mess up the program, or if there is even a way to solve it. I don't want to buy it and realize I can't even use it with audio for some reason.

      P.S. I am fairly new to this, so if you blast me with some complex, in-depth instructions, please try to make it rather simple, or just explain it well.


      Thank You and sorry for the inconvenience,

      Chris Madaras