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    Lightroom 3 asking for ACR 6.5. Photoshop says its updated already but its version (


      Using PC/ Windows 7.


      In Lightroom 3.4 (64 bit) or whatever the latest is,editing a CR2 file - I right click on the image - select EDIT in PHOTOSHOP (CS5 64 bit) but the error I get is saying in order for Lightroom to work properly update to Camera Raw 6.5 by going to updates in Photoshop Help menu.


      The buttons in the window are Render in Lighroom and then I think it says go to Photoshop or okay - (my LR is frozen right now so I can't remember xctly what the buttons were)


      So I click okay and  opened anyway in PS, and checked which version of ACR and its , I click on updates, and it says NO UPDATES AVAILABLE.


      I downloaded ACR 6.5 and get the attached error -We've tried several times to get ACR updated in PS but it still says NO UPDATES AVAILABLE

      CAMERA RAW 6.5 ERROR.jpgI am able to edit image in PS and it saves and reopens in LR fine - I don't know how to update ACR to 6.5 or why LR says I need 6.5 when Photoshop says I am up to date on everything already but I only have


      Can anyone help? Please?