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    very poor Playback of imported image sequence



      I really tried to work around this problem but I'm resigned to see that premiere pro seems to handle very bad the playback of imported sequence of numbered stills.

      I began with premiere elements. I imported my footage as image sequence (from 3dsmax), and saw that the playback was poor. It seemed to be playable after background rendering was finished, but BG rendering is soooo long due to an issue with nvidia hardware. So I'm forced to disable BG rendering, but the problem is that the sequence go unplayable again, etc, etc.


      I decided to install premiere pro cs5 trial to test, thinking that it will definitively fix the problem,

      but... same poor, almost unusable playback with numbered stills.


      I have a strong hardware (dual xeon 5650, quadro 4000, 48gb ram), so I think it's not the cause.

      I disable my antivirus while using premiere.


      Video sequences (avi, mov, etc), play smoothly, but when you work with CG 3D footage, you always export in image sequences, and I want to be able to edit my footages in premiere, as compositing softwares aren't built for the same kind of tasks.


      After effects plays images sequences very smoothly, so why not premiere?


      I did convert my image sequences to avi or mov uncompressed, but even with no compression, there's a significant loss of quality, and I want to avoid this loss to be able to edit my footage and output my final video based on the best image quality possible.


      Thank you for answering