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    Update to Folio Producer Tools (Oct. 3)

    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

      Digital Publishing Suite will be releasing new features and functionality Monday Oct 3rd at 5:00 PM Pacific Coast time. There are now two separate installers: one for the Folio Producer tools and one for the Folio Builder panel. If you created a custom viewer using a previous set of tools and don't want to update the viewer app, install only the Folio Builder panel to stay in sync with the updated web client. If you want to update all your tools, install the Folio Producer tools first, and then install the Folio Builder panel. SeeInstalling digital publishing tools.


      The v16 file format is identical to the previous file format, so any folio you create with the newest set of tools works with the current Adobe Content Viewer (1.9). Adobe submitted a new version of the app to Apple. When the new viewer is available, Preview on Device will work for the iPad (Mac only; third-party utility required). See What's new in this release.