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    Flex app calling CF cfc to download file gets "Channel disconnected" fault


      I am a newbie with ColdFusion and Flex. I am trying to implement file download/streaming functionality in my Flex 4.5 application and I am running ColdFusion 9 as my back end. More specifically, I have a component in my Flex app that displays a list of files - some of these files can be available for opening (or "previewing") via the client. I want the client to be able to click a button and download the file from the ColdFusion server, after the appropriate security checks are performed (also in ColdFusion). Right now I am just trying to get the basic download functionality to work with a very simple cfc. Here is the cfc code:


      <cfcomponent displayname="Preview Document"


           <cffunction name="streamFile" access="remote" returntype="any">

                <cfargument name="filename" displayName="Filename" type="string" required="true" />

                <cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="attachment;filename=#filename#" >

                <cfcontent type="application/unknown" file="c:\myserverpath\#filename#">




      When I try this via a cfm, it works fine (I get a File Download window where I can choose to either open or save the file). But when I try to use this in my Flex app, I get an error.


      In my Flex app, I have a RemoteObject to access my cfc and a CallResponder:


      <s:RemoteObject id="PreviewDocument"
        <s:CallResponder id="PreviewDocumentResult"
          fault="Alert.show('CallResponder PreviewDocumentResult: ' +
          event.fault.faultString + '\n' + event.fault.faultDetail)"


      Then I created a button whose click even executes the following line:


      PreviewDocumentResult.token = PreviewDocument.streamFile(



      When I run my app, I get the following fault:


      faultCode = "Client.Error.DeliveryInDoubt"

      faultString = "Channel disconnected"

      faultDetail = "Channel disconnected before an acknowledgement was received"


      I have tried many different approaches and searched online for help with this fault, but I could not find any helpful clue to where I can start investigating this.


      Can anyone help with why I am getting this fault?


      Thanks in advance.