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    iCloud Data Storage Guidelines

    Imperius Rex

      We just got this message from Apple. I'm not a developer by trade, I'm a designer, but I don't recall seeing anywhere in the CS 5.5 App development process that allowed for the level of specificity they are referring to below. Is this something that needs to be handled by Adobe or is there some place in the Apple Developer Portal that these changes can be made?



      Dear Developer,


      In recent testing it appears that your app, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, stores a fair amount of data in its Documents folder.


      Since iCloud backups are performed daily over Wi-Fi for each user's iOS device, it's important to ensure the best possible user experience by minimizing the amount of data being stored by your app.


      In addition to purchased music, apps, books, Camera roll, and device settings, everything in your app's home directory, including its Documents folder, is backed up to iCloud.


      Data stored in the application bundle itself, the caches directory, and the temp directory is not backed up to iCloud. Your app should store data in these locations according to the iCloud Data Storage Guidelines on <http://developer.apple.com/icloud/documentation/data-storage/>.


      Please review these guidelines, make any required changes to your app, and submit an update to the App Store.


      If you're not the technical contact for your app, please make sure this email gets to your development team.


      If you have any questions concerning this information, please let me know.


      Thanks for developing for iOS!

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          John J Metzger Adobe Employee

          Adobe will have to handle this. We are aware that several publishers have recieved this email from Apple and we are investigating.

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            Imperius Rex Level 1



            Apple has been increasingly aggressive in trying to get us to resolve this issue. Since this is something that Adobe needs to handle, it would be beneficial to all of those affected if we could get a timetable for when this issue will be resolved. I'm sure I speak for all affected when I say that we can't afford to lose any sales opportunity. What can you tell us about when this will be resolved?

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              John J Metzger Adobe Employee

              When we release the set of tools for Newsstand (viewer builder and a VB backend that will build Newstand enabled apps), the code base you build against for Newstand enabled viewers will put the storage of folios in an Apple approved location. Currently we are in a day for day waiting period until Apple releases the GM of the iOS 5 SDK.  Once they release the SDK we will incorporate it into our system, test to insure there were no changes between the iOS SDK betas and GM and release a set of tools as soon as we are confident that viewers built on this code base will pass Apple approval.


              Unfortunately I can't provide a timetable because I have no idea when the GM SDK will be released. All I can say is that we are anxiously awaiting the GM drop and are ready to move on it, the minute it is released. We understand the importance of Newsstand to our customers.


              Non newstand Viewers built this version of viewer builder against the V15 DPS release will also work for iOS 4 devices and will move the storage of folios into an Apple approved location.

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                Imperius Rex Level 1

                I'm only half understanding you. what impact will this have on us? Will this neceesitate a new app be built or the old one simply modified?

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                  John J Metzger Adobe Employee

                  You will need to build a new version of your app that uses the new storage locations and push it through the Apple approval process as an update to an existing app.