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    Russian and Chinese text in Fireworks/Flash


      Hi -


      I have a MS Word document provided by a translation company. It is the translation of our Flash website, which we are trying to make available in Russian and Chinese.


      The document reads fine on my Mac (using Open Office) how ever when I copy and paste sections of it into my Fireworks images it just throws up a bunch of wrong characters. I am guessing that Fireworks (and Flash too) will need to have the appropriate font installed but have no idea how this is achieved. Is this what a 'Language Pack' is all about, or is that just to make the actual application available in that language - ie menus etc.


      Finally, when it comes to importing Russian text or Chinese text into a 'dynamic' Flash movie via an external XML file, are there any further considerations to make?


      I would be very grateful for any advice here.


      Many thanks