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    New to Premiere Elements? Some Resources

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      The question "how do I get started with Premiere Elements?" comes up quite often. I have decided to put together a list of resources to help one get up to speed with the program, and even take it beyond normal video editing.


      One of the first places to learn how to do things in PrE is this sub-forum, Tips & Tricks. However, that might not be the best place to start. I'd suggest "walking before one attempts to run," and then to come back to this sub-forum. It's the same with reading the posts in the main PrE Forum - lot of great discussions no how to do much in the program, but they are usually around one operation, or revolving around a particular problem, so probably not the ideal start either. Let's look at some great resources, beyond this forum, but do keep it, and the general PrE Forum in mind for later studies.


      Steve Grisetti, our MOD here, has put together a great Basic Training Series, that is available on Muvipix.com (more on Muvipix.com later). This will provide the new user with a great foundation for using PrE, and can help refresh the memory of even a seasoned user. This series is free.


      Next, Steve has a continuation of that Basic Training Series, in his Learning Series, which is free to subscribers (more on that later) of Muvipix.com. This is a perfect and logical "next step" in the process.


      Steve has also written several books on PrE, and one that combines PrE & PSE in one book. These BOOKS are available from Amazon.com, or from Muvipix.com. Along with the general books on PrE, he has written a Tips & Tricks book, that will help take ones' video editing to a whole new level.


      Adobe has released Adobe Classroom in a Book for Premiere Elements 9.0, Adobe Press. I have not seen this edition, but love the CiaB series for many other Adobe programs, like PS, AI, InDesign, PrPro, AE and others.


      There are other books, but I have no direct experience with them. Perhaps others can add their recs. for books that they found useful.


      Now, let's talk about Muvipix.com. It is a multi-tiered Web site, with a very active forum, for everything from general video production and editing, to program-specific fora, and other topics. While many of the fora and also the users there, are on Adobe programs, the site is not exclusive to Adobe programs. The forum, Steve's Basic Training Series, and some Functional content, are all free, for just signing up. There are more articles and a lot more functional content, and most is available for a price to download, or free if one subscribes to Muvipix.com. It would not take too many individual downloads, to pay for a subscription. Some of the additional Functional Content is: Stock Motion footage, Motion Backgrounds, Menu Sets, original Music, and much more. Just the fora are worth the time to read, as there is some great info in the threads, and they are broken down by program, or by operations, such as music production.


      Hope that these resources provide a good start to the wonderful world of video production and editing, and especially with PrE.




      [Edit] As Adobe has released PrE 11, and as there are some changes, I have added some updated links at the bottom of this thread, that should be specific for PrE 11.