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    "not an XML resource" when using CS5


      I have a client that has installed Version Cue CS4 to a windows 2003 server, configured it, and can attach with a CS4 machine using Adobe Drive with no problems.

      He has been told that he needs version 3.0 of Adobe Drive to work with his installation of Version cue, but any machine using CS5 and Adobe Drive 3.0 gets "not an XML resource" when attempting to connect.  Connections have been attempted with all iterations of the url, especially the url that works fine on the CS4 machines, but no luck.


      Any suggestions?

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          Laurel Zimmer Adobe Employee

          Adobe Drive 3 does not work with Version Cue. As of this recent release, the Version Cue CS4 Connector is no longer included with the Adobe Drive installer (which is what is needed to enable the connection). The connector is no longer included with the latest version of Adobe Drive b/c Adobe announced Version Cue end-of-life support with the release of Creative Suite 5 and is no longer supported.

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            D_Brugge Level 1

            Just so that I understand (I'm not an Adobe Drive user myself), is there a replacement for Version Cue in the CS5 package?

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              D_Brugge Level 1

              Of course I wouldn't recommend that my client violate his license agreement, but theoretically, if someone in his situation were to get a hold of a copy of Version Cue CS4 connector, theoretically, that should work shouldn't it?

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                Laurel Zimmer Adobe Employee

                No, we don’t include a replacement asset management tool as part of the Creative Suite. Available separately from Adobe is the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP), the technology foundation powering Adobe Customer Experience Solutions or the CQ5 Digital Asset Management platform (CQ5 DAM) both of which Adobe Drive 3 enables access to from Creative Suite 5.x products. Customers will need to identify an asset management system to work with going forward; either from Adobe or a number of outside vendors. Adobe has active partnerships with a number of digital asset management vendors; IBM FileNet, Alfresco, MS SharePoint, ADAM Software and others. Adobe will continue to provide the technology that asset management vendors can use to provide easy access to their systems through Adobe Drive. Overall, the decision to discontinue the Adobe Version Cue asset management tool is part of our continued strategy to provide integrated asset management experiences to Creative Suite users in a way that reflects the current digital asset management (DAM) marketplace.

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