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    Off Topic, but RIP Steve

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      I know a company is bigger the one person, but I do believe Steve Jobs did an amazing thing at Apple.

      Possibly without him we wouldn't have the iPhone or the iPad, and without those two devices I wouldn't have

      the career/company that I have today.


      So on that personal note, I have a lot to thank him and Apple for.




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          Tomek Kuczborski Level 4



          I learned about Steve's passing away late last night.


          In 1984 I saw first Mac at one of the Frankfurt stores. I spent there 3 hours, playing with it. Before leaving, I bought one 3.5 inch empty diskette for my last DM15. It did not fit to any other computer at the time, but I wanted to own at least a tiny bit of the magic...


          Steve and his Apple became a big part of my professional and everyday life since then.


          Today, I can can only light for him some virtual candles, as we usually do on Polish blogs for people we cared about.