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    Looking to contract a "scripter" to merge 2 scripts

    Steve Straus

      I have two different scripts that I would like to hire someone to turned into one uber-script.


      First is an old CS3 script (for Mac) to that is designed to import all the Word docs from a folder, in alpha/numeric order. The Docs then get auto poured into a single doc. Then the script would do some rudimentary text clean-up. The clean-up actually does more harm than good since it removes all but a few special character styles. This works pretty well in CS3 but not at all in CS4 when I tweaked it slightly.


      The second script is the excellent PrepText script from Jongware. This CS4 script does a great job of applying character styles to imported Word files. Here is the discussion of its use:





      I am looking to hire someone to merge these two scripts into one that can be used in CS5/5.5. As a book designer, I often pour books that contain over 50 Word docs. A script like this could shave time and boredom from the process. Below is a link to the old CS3 script and PrepText:





      I look forward to hearing from anyone interested. How much to do such a job?