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    Keyboard shortcuts

    Amy Blankenship Community Member

      Hi, all;


      I appreciate that several people have put together keyboard shortcut lists, but I still find myself looking for several that I haven't seen documented anywhere.  I know that not all of these may even have shortcuts, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask.


      Bring stage object forward

      Bring stage object to front

      Send stage object backward

      Send stage object to back


      Switch focus from object on stage to object on timeline

      Select next/previous object (on stage, like you can do with arrows on timeline)

      Move playhead to beginning of slide timeline

      Snap end of object timeline to playhead (the opposite of Ctrl-L).


      Move slide up in filmstrip

      Move slide down in filmstrip


      Thanks in advance for any help on this!



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          Lilybiri ACP/MVPs

          Hi Amy,


          Not much to add for concerning shortcuts:

          Shortcuts for Arrangement (back/forward..) are listed in the menu Arrange all with brackets, but I'm not using them because they are only functional on a QWERTY (I'm on AZERTY)


          No way to switch focus from object on stage to timeline AFAIK, and if I want to move through selecting objects I'm doing it on the timeline, where you already discovered the arrows. On stage you can use the TAB-key but it will start from the bottom of the stack on the timeline.


          Move playhead to start timeline (when timeline is in focus): Home


          No snap end of object timeline to playhead, have introduced already multiple times a feature request about that.


          Move slide up/down in filmstip (or even sometimes no need for focus on filmstrip): PageUp/PageDown


          I told you I'm a shortcut freak



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            Amy Blankenship Community Member

            Thanks, Lilybri, these are great.


            To clarify, what I mean by moving slide up or down is this:


            Say you have a slide that's now slide 15, and you need some similar functionality in slide 20.  You use page up to go to slide 15, and you use Ctrl-D to create a duplicate of slide 15 (now slide 16).  What I am looking for is the short cut to MOVE that new slide past slides 17, 18, and 19, so it is now slide 20 without moving my hands off the keyboard.  Does this make sense?





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              Amy Blankenship Community Member

              Also note that my menu doesn't list any keyboard shortcuts for bring forward and send backward, etc.  That is why I asked.  If yours does, would you be a dear and list them for me?

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                Lilybiri ACP/MVPs

                Bring Forward    CTRL+]

                Send Backward    CTRL+[

                Bring to Front    SHIFT+CTRL+]

                Send to Back    SHIFT+CTRL+[


                I'm on CP 5.5


                No shortcuts for moving, but in that case I would not duplicate, but copy, move to the correct place and paste there. Or make the filmstrip floating and expand its size, or use the Branching view



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                  Amy Blankenship Community Member

                  Thanks SO much!