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        stargate guys, pan am pilot guys....


        go to link below and check THIS OUT !  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE ?


        scroll down to virtual ny city menu on right... and play ... you'll see this !









        ps... ITS BEER THIRTY ! YIPEE !


        ( belly up and have a yoodle ! )


        ps. " pilot " means first show of new series.  stargate is vfx house.  "guys" means...everyone working on these products ( shows ).

        how did colin get into nyc like that ??  who does he know ?  the mayor ?

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          Time for more yoodles !  and ITS BEER THIRTY ! YIPEE !


          since threads in lounge tend to meander all over the place ( thank God ) I have an interesting tidbit of info for shooters using cameras with long lens shooting "animals" or "sports "... that might help get shots... just for heck of it thought I'd share this with everyone. Even though its not normal to tell "secrets" I figure, what the heck..its the lounge and thats what we do here... draw on napkins at bar and eat yoodles etc....


          here's the tricky part ( a secret I share with you from a real good sports cameraman shooting film etc at NFL etc )


          put a very low weight and small LOW POWER rifle scope (SPOT SCOPE) on camera ( magic arm, whatever ) that has X of middle of scope = to the center of your frame in camera.


          use THAT scope to frame your shots... NOT the camera eyepiece or monitor


          get bird in center of spotting scope and THATS your frame !.... even though you see it in spot scope as tiny bird your CAMERA will see it full frame huge bird....


          keep bird in flight etc in X area of spot scope as it moves.... flies etc ( or NFL players is same thing ).


          your shot will be framed OK in camera. ... and you can obviously SEE with your eye what action is happening in spot scope fast and furious...and keep centered in X area.... whereas if you looked through zoom lens / monitor of camera you would be f---- trying to keep up with action.


          was a secret but you heard it first here !


          can use shooting snakes too, but they dont usually move THAT fast where you need this assist



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            sample spot scope and tight frame of camera comparison..


            remember..in this sample its jet planes ( air show  ) but can be any sports, car races, etc...anything with fast action and the need to "see" what is going on outside your camera frame so you can whip to that action fast..and get it in frame fast.


            spot scope.jpg


            in above sample the 2 planes lower right just got into spot scope and you might wanna whip to them before they peel off into some formation etc...  if they were racing cars, they might be jockeying for position ( passing ? ) and you want THAT action...whip over to it...putting them in the X of the spot scope...and you will have them in frame right away...no hunting around and missing shots...




            this tip was given to me by Brad Smith, cinematographer ( youve seen his work on lots of NFL and other shows )

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              boo hoo....this in ny times today online..


              http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/06/a-modern-masterpiece-no-longer-used-will-soon -disappear-at-kennedy-airport/?hpw


              luckily the port authority raised tolls on their stuff between jersey and nyc ( like $8 to $12 ) a few weeks ago to help pay for the continued building of investment properties ( world trade center area and JFK convention stuff etc ).


              Go figure.



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                you're on the PAN-AM crew?
                i've just been to the paris, went to the bibliothéque du cimèma francois truffaut and they're showing it there in a special TV-Series Special. Didn't get a chance to see it though, i wasn't there long enough

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