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    Flash with no GPU acceleration and good quality, how?

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      I'm using ATI Radeon hd4890OC @ 150/200 in force 2D mode with Ati Tray Tools. With catalyst 11.8 driver.

      I want to get rid off only the GPU accelerator, or force it to use my CPU also. Because with this downclock, it's crashing all the time, when I open 2 youtube videos at least 480p+720p.


      Message says: Amd Driver did not respond, but successfully recovered. (only in Flash 10-11, not in 9)





      Everything is perfect in Flash 9, but when I installed Flash 10, it started crashing, tried to ask for help on other forums, they said:

      right click on flash -> settings -> uncheck "Hardware acceleration"

      Of course it stopped crashing, but the quality of videos dropped down, check the 2 images:



      With Flash Player 9-10-11rc (Hardware acceleration ON) Check the edges of stars, or the fonts on top left, they are smooth.





      With Flash Player 10-11rc (Hardware acceleration OFF) Check the edges of stars, or the fonts on top left, they are serrated.






      1) With Flash Player 9, which doesn't have GPU acceleration ( Hardware acceleration ON ), it has a smooth (just like 9-10-11rc) quality, 3-4 1080p youtube videos in the same time work perfectly, CPU using is around 70-80%~, but no crash, no lagg, it is perfect.


      2) With FlashPlayer 10-11rc, does have GPU acceleration ( Hardware Acceleration ON ), two 720p videos in the same time, crash in 5-7 seconds. Nice quality, but impossible to use it.


      3) With FlashPlyer 10-11rc, does have GPU acceleration ( Hardware Acceleration OFF ), no GPU use, only CPU, 3-4 1080p videos without lagg, 70-80%~ cpu usage. No crash, no lagg, but it has a terrible quality.




      Tried to use Flash Player 9, but few flash games/players required the latest flash player. So now I'm stuck, because I do not want to use my GPU at a higher clock, because it has +30-40W power consumption and +10°C temperature, and can't use Flash9, because few pages need the newest flashplayer.

      The main problem is, with Flash Player 10 and 11, they want to use ONLY GPU, and even if the GPU is at 100%, they keep trying to force use it, and they are too lazy to ask CPU to help a bit, so it just kill my AMD driver in no time.


      Any1 has a pro idea, what should I do, to use Flash with gpu downclock? (be green)