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    How to completely delete Photoshop Elements from my computer??




      I am trying to completely remove Photoshop Elements from my computer.   So far, I have failed in my attempts to do this.   The reason I'm doing this is b/c for some reason that I can't fathom, the folders in My Pictures -- the folders named by shot date -- contain random duplicates.When this happens, the file names folow the convention of DSC_0222 and DSC_0222-1. Exactly the same file size and metadata.  In some folders, every picture is duplicated. In other folders, only selected pitcures within the folder are duplicated.   I can't figure out how they got there -- e.g. it doesn't seem to bear any connection to the photos I've edited, which was one theory I had for a while.   Is Elements responsible? Or is this some sort of bug in the download process from the camera (I have a Nikon D40).  Anyway, I've given up on trying to sovle this problem and decided I would go back to the beginning and reload everything from my camera.   So, my real question here is about how to completely uninstall Elements.


      Here's what I did:    I uninstalled Photoshop Elements through the Add/remove programs utility.  I got no errors during the uninstall process.   Then I completely deleted the My Pictures directory (don't worry -- I have it backed up in multiple places!!).   So, at this point there are *no* pictures on my computer at all.    I reinstall Elements, open it up and -- you guessed it!!! -- the catalog is still there with all the thumbnails of the pictures that i deleted from my hard disk.   Of course, each thumbnail is flagged as "Missing File".


      So, how do I uninstall/reinstall Elements and get it to forget all memory of the previous catalog?   Why is it "remembering" it in this way when the pictures aren't even on the computer anymore?  Isn't this a bug???


      I've been working on this issue for much longer than I care to remember-- if anyone can tell me how to get myself truly back to ground-zero so I can start over I would be deeply grateful.   After upgrading to Elements 9 (from 7) to try to solve this problem I am close to just abandoning Elements entirely.....


      WHile we're at it, if anyone has any idea where the duplicates pictures are coming from and how I prevent that from happening, I'm' all ears!!!!