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    Post RH 9 Upgrade - Dropdown Links (dropspots) Broken in Output Htms & Footer Missing

    JaredHess Level 1

      We upgraded to RH 9 a couple of of months ago. I've noticed that the drop down links in my generated output do not work in our core project (largest and most problematic). Outputs are currently HtmlHelp and WebHelp.


      I understand why it's not working, I'm not not sure what's causing RH to do it on this project or how to fix it. It doesn't seem to be happening in other smaller projects we have.


      Here's a code view on Notepad++ showing what's happening. On the left is the output code, on the right is RH's code:

      10-7-2011 1-09-39 PM.jpg


      Footer info is also missing from my ouptut htms.


      When I preview the topic (CTRL + W) inside RH, everything works fine (which is why I didn't notice this at first).


      Any ideas on getting RH to include my footer and drop-down links again?


      Many thanks!