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    Flex 4.5 TileWindow HeaderHeight

    Brent Wientjes Level 1

      I am trying to understand Flex 4.5.  I am fairly familiar with Flex 3.  In the Flex 3 case for TileWindow, you may easily change the top title bar's height by

      <mx:TileWindow headerHeight="5"/>.  I have looked at all I could find of the examples concerning TileWindow, Flex and AS 3.0 reference material and Tour de Flex component examples but I do not see any mention concerning the title block of the TileWindow component.


      How do you change the default height of the title block for the TileWindow?  I also have a similar lack of understanding on how to change the background color, alpha, etc of the TileWindow title block.  I do see how to turn on/off the close icon and ability to change it's skin but basically nothing on the title block itself.


      Any hints would be appreciated.