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    Portfolio Piece


      Hi there,


      I have a portfolio piece that I created in MX 2004 several years agou  that I would like to re-publish as an executable file.  The file I currently have has absolute paths of files so it doesn't work on my web site.  I downloaded the trial  for DIrector 11.5 and upgraded the files but can't publish it.  I am unemployed so I can't fork out the money to upgrade.  Could anyone publish it for me for a small fee if I provide the files?  Also, I want to make sure the assets load so will something like this work? director/assets/filename.mov (the structure of my web site).  I would love to upgrade eventually but just can't justify it at this time.  DIrector was more of a fun software than something I used for any business purpose.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2

          some discussions ago, one of the forum members told, that , if you make the updates for Director 11.5 ( in the help-tab) it should be possible to publish.


          Give it a try.



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            tjhemingway Level 1

            Thanks Wolfgang,


            I will give it a look.  When I tried, the exe publish option was unavailable.  I will do some additional research.

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              Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

              Hi TJ,

              When Director 11.5 was first released, the publish to projector was disabled in the unregistered version. This was changed with an update. The way to update Director is from within the application itself. Go to the Help menu and choose Updates.

              If you'd like help with making a projector, I'm happy to create one on my end. I can create a stub projector - an exe that has no content but just links to your first movie. That way, you can edit the content without having to recreate the projector each time.

              To your other question, there is a way to define external paths for media like vide - look up ‘searchPathList’. This is mainly for offline external content and it is bets to have each media defined directly to its correct location. You can set an external media path with:
              member("moviefilename").fileName = _movie.path & "director/assets/filename.mov"


              If you want further help, you can contact me directly (d.utian@unsw.edu.au).


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                tjhemingway Level 1

                I so appreciate your response, Dean.  I was able to create the executable file.  I don't think, though, that all the files are linking properly.  Would you mind taking a look?  My web site is http://www.tjhemingway.com/interactive.htm  and the file is the Fly Fishing video.  I have the files in the following folder:


                http://www.tjhemingway.com/images/director  and the images and fonts, etc. are in the folder base included in that directory.  If you don't mind looking, I would be immensely grateful.  I only used Director for part of a semester though I actually like it more than Flash.  There just isn't a big demand for it as a designer.




                BTW - I live in the US (Colorado).  We sent my eldest daughter to a semester at Bond University 4 years ago.  She loved Australia.  We hope to visit someday.




                All the best and thank you so much. 





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                  Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi TJ,

                  I would not reccomend having an EXE linked from a web page. If you want it to run online, it's best if you convert it to Shockwave. If you wnat users to be able to download the entire presentation, make a zip with all the files. There are quite a few files to download. I'm happy to look but would prefer downloading one zip with everything.



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                    MECS Level 1

                    Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, Deal, but how do you “edit the content” of a projector?





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                      Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

                      Hi MECS,
                      You can't edit a projector. You can edit the DIR that the projector was created from. It is that file I suggested be converted to a Shockwave DCR.

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                        MECS Level 1

                        Ok.  Thanks.  I was confused because the person had said they cannot publish a projector.  So if they edit a .dir file, they would still have to publish it as a projector.  That’s why I thought you were suggesting creating a stub projector and having them edit it each time so they wouldn’t have to publish a projector.  My misunderstanding.





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                          tjhemingway Level 1

                          How can I link the files so that when main.dcr is played, they link like the exe file?  I must be overlooking something.  BTW - I am immensely grateful for your assistance. I created teh dcr's but in hindsight, I probably need to change the way the links are referenced in order to get them to work properly....

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                            Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

                            The reason TJ could not publish a projector was because the trial version of D11.5 has it disabled - that's until you download the update. A stub projector is good whether you can create a new projector or not as it saves you from recreating it each time after edits are made to the main files.


                            Are you wanting files to play on the web or offline on someone's hard drive?
                            If online, then it's best to have DCRs linked to each other with no EXE. If you want it to run as a standalone application, create a stub projector, then the DIRs can be linked to each other. If you want to protect the files (don't want people to be able to open them and see what's inside), you can either convert the DIRs to DCRs or DXRs.


                            Am not sure if that answered your question as wasn't 100% clear in what you were suggesting.