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    OSX Lion, Lightroom 3 & deleted files: could be a bug?

    Isopoda Level 1

      I've a library saved inside an external HD.

      Normally I work with this catalog, selecting the photos and elaborating the images.

      Last week I've made the upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion and today I've found that if I try to delete an image, LR tell me that is impossible, because the disc does not support a trash bin (???) and so I've only the possibility to remove the photo permanently from the HD.

      but if I create a new document inside the HD, the system let me delete it and move it inside the trash bin without any problem.



      So I've taken another HD, formatted with HFS+ Journaled, I've created a new catalog, imported some photos...same problem, same story...LR doesn't let me delete the images but only definitively removing teh photos from the HD.


      This could be a bug from LR with Lion?

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