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    Screen shots and quality loss


      Hi all,


      I'm new on this forum. Usually, I can easily find answers to solve my problems on InDesign (CS4) but this time I can't.


      I'm currently working on my company's website. I wanted to screenshot the frame of the website,copy-paste it on InDesign and then add some new elements to show what it would look like.


      But as soon as I import a new image, the screenshot gets darker and blurry.

      Before :Test.JPG After : Test2.JPG


      I know it's not crazy but still pretty annoying.


      I guess it's a kind of protection thing but does anyone know how to get rid off that?



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You only get a lo-res proxy image of the image when you import an image. It's only for layout purposes. What you have on file is what should output.


          You have saved the screen shot as a PNG and inserted that using FIle>place?

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            Com_IT Level 1

            Thx for your quick answer.


            I first saved it as a .JPG. Then tried with a .PNG. I inserted both using CTRL+D. The problem is the same.


            I tried to print out a two pages document. On the first page, I just put the screenshot. On the second I put the screenshot and added a second image. The first page is clear with the right colors. The second one is darker.


            The problem is the same when I save the doument as a .PDF.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Which one was right?


              Sorry I don't follow what you're saying there.


              Unfortunately screengrabs will always be low res. It's not something you can adjust.

              Regarding the colour, the colours in the PDF will look different from monitor to monitor. It will be very difficult to control how that is viewed.


              Same goes for the website, it will be different colour from monitor to monitor.

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                Com_IT Level 1

                I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough. I already have trouble explaining it in French, my mother tongue!


                Here what I did :


                1. Screenshot of the website I want to work on. I saved this screenshot as a.JGP

                2. Insert the screenshot in my indesign page

                3. Insert another image in this same page (example: an icon "Home")


                When I add this new image, the first image (from the screenshot) gets darker. If I remove the second image (the icon), the first one gets normal again.


                I tried to put my screenshot on two different pages. The first one contains only the screenshot and, when printed, has the right colors. The second one contains the screenshot and one other image. When printed, this second screenshot is darker than it should be.


                It is not a monitor problem as the two pages are both on the same document on my screen.


                My guess is that, in a weird way I don't understand, the image from the screenshot is protected against modifications. Means that when you try to modify it by adding a new image, it gets darker so that you can make the difference from the original one. Do you think that could be? If yes, do you have an idea how to "unlock" the screenshot?


                Thx for your help!

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  This sounds like a transparency flattening issue. Try changing the transparency flattener blend space to Doucment RGB.

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                    Com_IT Level 1

                    Yes, it works !


                    Thanks a lot. That was not a security problem afterall.


                    Thanks again.