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    [CS5] Using PDF Export Preset from Distiller with InDesign, doesn't work the same?

    lhanneman Level 1



      We are in the process of reworking one of our workflows in which we would manually use Distiller to create a PDF. Now we are trying to automate this with InDesign. My first thought was that I could try using the same PDF Export Preset (.joboptions file) used in Distiller, load it into InDesign, and export my book as a PDF using this preset.


      For my current testing example, there are about 115 pages in this PDF document. The PDF that Distiller created is of pretty good quality, and is about 34MB. When I used the same .joboptions file to export an InDesign book of the same original documents as a PDF, the result is equal in quality, but is about 119MB.


      Does anyone know why they aren't even close in file size? Is InDesign packing more stuff (maybe related to the actual InDesign documents, or the book itself) into the final PDF? If so, is there anyway to get InDesign to give a similar PDF (in terms of both size and quality) using the .joboptions file from Distiller?


      Thanks in advance!