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    Extension Manager Problems


      I have been unable to get extension manager to work!


      I installed it a long time ago, but never tried to use it until recently.


      When I tried to run extension manager 2.0 nothing happened--just an hour glass symbol and then nothing.


      I then installed the 2.1 patch. Same response on trying to launch.


      Then I tried to uninstall it.


      QUESTION: How do you uninstall it?!


      I loaded up the Flash uninstall utility, but Extension manager is not listed.



      I just want to clean it out and then try to install it again clean.





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          FlashKitty Level 1

          Sorry, I should include the following:


          Windows XP SP3

          Flash CS4

          Dreamweaver CS4


          Do no have the CS4 suite.





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            I'm having extension manager problems too.


            Just installed Flash CS4 with Extension Manger CS4.  (All other products, being Photoshop are CS3 on this box: WinXP, high-end DELL.)


            If I launch EM from within Flash or via command line, it starts up and freezes.

            It's unresponsive to clicks and the only way to shut it down is by killing the process.


            What's going on here, and how do I work around this bug?

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              Tronster_ Level 1

              Hello Adobe,


              It's been 5+ months and no one has responded to this thread.

              Issue still happening.


              Will someone please address our problem?



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                I've spent literally hours

                and hours over the last three day talking with Adobe and phone support with the same problems. No one seems to have any idea what to do. This is incredible, but maybe seeing these posts is supposed to light a bulb for me: these problems are real and Adobe is ignoring them--they're not going to fix them. Adobe, if you're out there, you're losing a good customer.

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                  Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Me too, brand new computer five days ago and EM worked for two days and then stopped.

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                    Adobe HS

                    I am also searching for the same issue from 1 month but did not find any solution. Why some one is not responding to these type of threads.

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                      Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      This is the answer I got on the Dreamweaver forums, so substitute Dreamweaver for Flash and you shohuld be good to go. Fixed me up and havn't had a problem since.

                      What I’d is to remove the Dreamweaver *user* configuration folder, and the Extension Manager user configuration folder. (this will for sure "uninstall" any extension you did have installed). On Windows 7, I’d guess they are the same on Vista:

                      C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\{language folder}\Configuration\
                      C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Extension Manager\Configuration\


                      Brad Lawryk

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                        Same problem here.  Adobe tech support is not at all helpful.  Though one person did try to get back in touch with me by phone (impressive for any tech support), but her answer didn't do the trick.

                        I wonder if this problem happens when you have had previous versions of Maromedia products installed.  Simply removing those apps doesn't fix the problem.  I tried removing all the adobe and macromedia extensions, plists, etc. and reinstalled the entire suite.  Still didn't fix the problem.

                        I have no idea why Adobe isn't more proactive about fixing this. 

                        The extension manager is a great feature - when it works.

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                          Guermantes Level 1


                          Excellent. Your post has ended a lot of questions for me. I have a Swedish Win7 with English CS4 and extension manager installed in a Swedish configuration folder while the applications were looking in the English config folders. I simply merged them and now I can access my extensions.



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                            kkm19 Level 1

                            yeah thank you very much....

                            I have problem then remove path of user dreamweaver...

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                              webesco Level 1

                              I will post thiis here to hopefully move toward a solution.


                              I am having the same issue.  I cannot open the Extension Manager to manage or install new dreamweaver extensions.  It runs in the processes but does not open a window.  I have tried everything, except a uninstall and clean install of the entire creative suite (I want to avoid this b/c I have so much to set back up and it would litterally take me a week).


                              Well I kind of figured the issue out here, but still have not found the solution to get it to open in my user account.  The issue is with the Wiindows user account. 


                              I created a test user account called "test" and gave it administrative rights. 


                              I logged in and clicked on adobe extension manager.  It opened.  The problem is that you cannot install or manage the extensions on one user to use with another windows user account.  BOOOO!


                              Well does anyone know how I can compare my user settings to see what the heck is causing this issue.  When I check my user account information within the control panel and user accounts it only gives little information that can be updated and the original user account where the extension manager is not working is set to administrator in all aspects.


                              Please any input would be great from anyone.  It seems there are a lot of people with this issue.



                              Ernie T.

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                                I've got exactly the same problem.


                                Extension Manager CS4 (v2.0 patched to v2.1) was working fine, has been since it was first installed a long time ago, then suddenly stopped working last week.  It appears in the Task Manager but the UI won't fire up.


                                Wasted the best part of 3 days trying to fix it and trawling through dozens and dozens of forums of people having the same problem, and tried just about every potential fix that didn't involve having to start again completely from scratch with a new user account.  I've even tried completely uninstalling every Adobe product, running the cleanup utility and only re-installing Dreamweaver CS4 and Extension Manager but it still refuses to work.  If I login as the system administrator (using XP Home means 'run as administrator' option is not available) the UI fires up ok.


                                I've since given up and begrudgingly had to create another user with Admin privileges, but as Ernie T points out above the extensions available to one user are unavailable to all other users.  I'm now in the process of transferring thousands of development files, site settings, FTP settings etc etc etc across from the other user to the new user and have started re-installing dozens of extensions with the relevant serial numbers.


                                From all the experiences of all the users on the other forums out there relating to this exact same problem, it appears Adobe are not interested in fixing this problem and spending hours on the phone with Adobe trying to resolve this critical problem is pointless and expensive, as the only thing they seem to come up with is to create a new user and waste more time transferring everything across to that new user and reinstalling all your extensions under that new user.


                                What I don't get is the statement on Adobe's home page that states 'Get back to work quickly with online quick-reference and community help.'???  This problem, lack of support and lack of a realistic working fix has had the opposite effect and has drastically slowed my work down!



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                                  webesco Level 1



                                  Found the issue and here is the solution so stop transferring all your settings, etc.


                                  Flash-based softwares installed on your machine conflict with Extension Manager. You can try to move all files under "C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Macromedi  a\Flash Player\#Security\FlashPlayerTrust" to somewhere, then launch Extension Manager. If it worked, You can move those files back one by one to isolate the software which causes this issue."


                                  Specifically, my issue was fixed but deleting the flashfirebug.cfg then rebooting.  Good luck.