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    Channel disconnected error with remote server

    takcafe Level 1

      I created the Flex Mobile and PHP project that works fine with  a local server (MAMP on Mac). It basically reads retrives data from MySQL and displays them on Google map. Now I am trying to move from a local server to a remote server.

      But when I run my app on emulater, I get the error "Channel disconnected - Channel disconnected before an acknowledgment was received."

      I googled what this error is and found a web site which describes about this error. According to the web site, the the error is likely caused by a PHP syntax error and one should use Network Monitor to debug this.


      However, the problem is that after I enabled Network Monitor and run my app on emulator, nothing is shown on Network Monitor. My first question is whether I should use Network Monitor to debug this channel disconnectef error? The Second question is if not, how can I debug this error? Any help would be appreciated.

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          takcafe Level 1

          I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I was following davidflex's insturction at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/875709 and did not realize that I ahve to set host = "localhost:8889" in my php that connects to my remote mysql server. It's tricky because sicen it's remote server, you should set host = your domain, but that's not right. As davidflex said you need to set host = "local:8889" since your gateway.php is also running on the remote server.


          I stumbled for several weeks and hope someone else won't get stuck like I did for serveral weeks.