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    iOS iCloud Data Storage Guidelines

    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

      If you have used the Digital Publishing Suite to create a multi-folio viewer for the iPad, you've probably gotten a message from Apple indicating that you should store data in a different location. With the v14 format and earlier, the Viewer Builder stored downloaded folios in the Documents folder, which is backed up in iTunes. With the v15 format and later, the Viewer Builder will store downloaded folios in the caches folder, and it will not be backed up in iTunes. This is true of both the current iOS4 and the new iOS5 soon to be released. With the iCloud feature in iOS5, storing folios in the Documents folder is undesirable.


      To comply with Apple's guidelines, please rebuild your multi-folio viewer app using the v15 version, and submit your update app to Apple. Note that you do not need to update your folio tools. The v15 viewer is backwards compatible with all folios created with previous tools.


      Once Apple approves your viewer app update and customers update the app on their devices, all folios they've downloaded are moved automatically from the Documents folder to the caches folder. These folios remain in the caches folder until customers archive their folios or update the iOS. If your customers update to iOS5 and then update your viewer app, they will not have to re-download any folios. If they update your viewer app and then install iOS5, they'll have to re-download their folios.