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    New update for Community Help application - version 3.5 now available

    Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

      Hi: just a quick announcement that the engineering team has released version 3.5 of the Adobe Community Help application.  This update is a very significant release that directly addresses a lot of the feedback that we’ve been hearing from the community.  The most significant changes include:






      Tabbed Browsing

      Ability to open multiple pages   from multiple sources simultaneously



      Ability to bookmark your   favorite URLs; note: we prepopulate a set of suggested bookmarks for you   based on the products you have installed.  Users can of course   add/edit/delete any bookmarks that they choose and can organize them via   folders, etc.


      Search/Browse History

      Ability to view previous pages   browsed or search results (including previously used filter options, search   collections, online/offline search status, refinements, and more).


      Flash Platform ASLR

      Ensures developers  only   have to download one copy of the ASR and not separate, multiple copies for   Flash vs. Flex, etc. 


      Revamped local content   download workflow


      The entire local content   download workflow has been reworked!  We have removed the pop-up dialog   box and moved the “content update” notification to the footer of the app as   well as the homescreen.  This ensures an uninterrupted workflow for   users who simply want to access content first and foremost.


      Performance improvements

      The team has worked especially   hard on improving the start-up and browsing performance by consolidating a   number of disparate server calls into a single initialization service that is   only performed at launch.  This enables us to cache a number of assets   and reduce network calls/dependencies.


      Silent application updates

      Similar to the changes in the   local content download experience, we have also revamped the update   experience for the application itself!  Going forward, app updates will   be downloaded in the background without interruption to the user workflow.


      Set-and-forget search options

      Search options are now sticky   from session to session – for example, if you check the Search Adobe   Reference check box for  Photoshop, the CHC will remember those options   the next time you open the app. This applies to refinements too.


      Much more!!

      Minimize to sytem tray (for PC   users only); upgrade to Flex 4.1 and AIR 2.5; and many, many other   enhancements, fixes, etc.!


      Note: many of these features were part of our earlier 3.4 release – as some of you know, we had to pull down that release shortly after launch due to server/hardware issues. So only a few users were able to update at the time.  CHC 3.5 is now a general release that will support all users and has been extensively tested to ensure robust performance and stability.


      To update your app, simply open the Community Help application from your hard disc or visit our download page on adobe.com:



      Please leave your comments/feedback here in this forum -- and feel free to spread the word!