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    Print Comments Option Missing in Adobe Reader 9.4.0

    JuliusPIV Level 1

      Using a PDF I downloaded online, I inserted comments using both Adobe Acrobat Pro and Nuance PDF Converter Pro.

      In both the Acrobat and Nuance applications I can print the PDF with the comments just fine.

      When I opened the document in Adobe Reader 9.4.0 it would not print the comments by default.

      I hunted around the File > Print & Edit > Preferences dialog boxes but found no such option in Reader 9.4.  It either does not exist, or I'm not looking in the proper place(s).


      I opened the same document in Adobe Reader X and I did have the option to print the comments as outlined in the instructions here (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/897/cpsid_89733.html).

      On that same page however it says a comment printing options should be on both the Edit > Preferences and File > Print dialog boxed in Reader 9 but it is not.  The instructions above appear to be inaccurate.


      I've tested this on multiple systems (same base OS & configuration) but the problem persists:  How does one print comments in Adobe Reader 9.4.0?  (Upgrading is not an option at this time.)