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    How can we use Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite given this scenario

    esaeo-nyc-pdx Level 1

      I have a question regarding a very specific scenario as it applies to Adobe Digital Publishing that I am having trouble finding an answer to.


      We are a small design firm that produces small-run, proprietary-information, official documents.


      Each document is branded to one of our clients, but each document title's design is entirely unique even when done for the same client.


      Our clients then selectively distribute these documents to a small number (max 200) of their propective clients (NO GENERAL DISTRIBUTION -- NO APP STORE or iTUNES -- NO CHARGE).


      It would be nice that each of our clients could have a branded Adobe Viewer with which their selected prospective clients could view only those documents sent to them (PUSHED); NOT everyone with a client-branded Adobe Viewer would be PUSHED the same document.


      And similar to the documents being PUSHED to only specific prospective clients of our clients, that our client could subsequently PULL / delete a document from the prospective client's viewer when the document has expired (besides being promotional documents, they are legal as well, and when expired, need to be withdrawn from readership).


      So, how is something like this done?         What Adobe DPS pricing plan applies?


      Would it be a Single plan, but for each client branded viewer?  The Professional and Enterprise pricing setup is excessive given our extremely small scale of extremely specific directed distribution for no revenue from that distribution.


      Please help me understand, since I cannot find such an answer online.


      Thank you.