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    AcroRd32.exe Ver 10 Application error 0xc0000710 64bit win7 the fix


      I feel i needed to post this because upon reading the above forums,  Many folks seem to be getting this error and trying all things to fix it.


      The fix is simple...and I figured it out myself by thinking as I knew from reading this newer adobe 10 was supposed to be more secure.


      So I remember something somewhere else in another softare about a protected mode issue.. saw the check and wording and said what the heck lets try that..




      Go to




      UNCHECK --> Enable Protected Mode at Startup....


      YEP that is it! 

      Your application error is gone,

      Just for folks knowledge,

      Intel I5 Chipset,

      Win7 Premium 64 Bit,

      4 gig of Ram

      I am running the Microsoft Security Essential Antivirus. 

      and a ton of other stuff on startup..