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    Can I make a Flex mobile SMS/Keyboard "wrapper"

    Chaos7703 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I've been searching the forums & internet trying to find something to lead me in the right direction; however all I've found are posts about controlling the keyboard opening, closing, & resizing the display.  I'm not interested in that.  What I'm looking to make is something like Emoji / Handcent http://jeftek.com/707/emoji-with-android-and-iphone/ using Flex.


      I know how to build an app that can compose messages and send them via sms or email (using URLRequest("sms:" or "mailto:") ), but that wouldn't receive incoming messages.  I also have seen several tutorials for building an apps that use a third party paid service to exchange messages/notify the client installation.


      What I'm curious about though is: Can I build an app that "stands between" the phone's OS (sms email functionality) and the GUI for the composing and viewing those messages?  Something like defining, or installing, an additional language that is available as an optional keyboard and would be correctly displayed in the text/email utilities.  The actual functionality is very much identical to Emojji, however the intent is to use a "graphical language" of icons rather than the glyphs of any "real" language.  Or, perhaps more simply still -- define my own alphabet of N characters.


      Can it be done? Where to look? Tutorials? Options?


      Many thanks