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    Issue with Styles Displaying in chm files?


      After converting some projects from Robo X3 to Robo v8, the appropriate stylesheet is pulled in and all topics appear as they should. However, the respective .chm file(s) display many topics that do not have the stylesheet applied. The same issue occurs when I attempt to build a new project and import HTML files from the older version project(s).


      Additional information:


      • I am importing HTML.
      • I am generating Microsoft Help.
      • Some HTML is rendered correctly and others not.
      • The HTML, when reviewed externally, is formatted as expected. When imported into RoboHelp, some files are okay but the majority are not. It is as though the style sheet is being ignored. The style sheet is common to all files. Is this is a quirk of RoboHelp, and the way that it internally processes HTML?
      • By touching the HTML (by adding a random space, removing it and then saving ) from within the RoboHelp HTML editor, the problem goes away. Touching the HTML from outside of RoboHelp does not help. Performing a dummy Search and Replace for all files does not work – you have to touch each file individually (add a space, take it away and save)
      • I am working with a 64 bit machine.
      • The the same HTML  works on a colleague's 32 bit.


      Thank you in advance for your help.