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    Modifying MinionPro


      Hi all,


      a customer of ours uses the MinionPro heavily for his productions. He uses the complete family

      No it seems that something has changed in InDesign 4 or 5. Our customer plans to change tfrom older CS versions up to 3 to  CS5, but e.g. the OT-caps feature does not work with the  "old" fonts.

      The fonts shipped with CS 5 work fine.


      Unfortunately the glyph repertoire is slightly different, the "old" version has for example a few more ornaments included.


      Since our customer has lots of existing documents he likes to use the "old" version.

      Taking a look into the fonts, I found out that Indesign's behaviour seems to be triggered by the absence of an "DFLT" ScriptTag (thats how ttx names the xml tag) in the GSUB table.

      Is it allowed to add this to make the fonts working again?


      Are there some more details about the changes in the fonts?


      The customers version of MinionPro is

      1 Rev 21


      Version 1.021;PS 001.001;Core 1.0.35;makeotf.lib1.5.4492


      CS5 version is

      2 Rev 68


      Version 2.068;PS 2.000;hotconv 1.0.57;makeotf.lib2.0.21895


      Thanks for your help in advance


      Best regards


      Jochen Evertz

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee



          When Adobe makes modifications to its fonts, generally the modifications are to (1) fix any design problem (i.e., the shapes of the glyphs), (2) metrics, (3) OpenType table entries used by InDesign and other programs that can take advantage of OpenType features, and/or (4) to augment the complement of glyphs adding additional glyphs to support additional languages, currency symbols, etc.


          I am aware of any changes to the Minion Pro family that eliminated any glyphs, ornaments or otherwise. Examining the OpenType font in FontLab, you can see the current ornament glyphs annotated in light red.


          What particular glyph from an earlier version of Minion Pro do you believe is missing from the current version? 


                    - Dov

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            JEEE23 Level 1



            our customer stumbled about the symbols from E0D5-E0D8. In the new version three of them were moved to 2713,2733,2734.

            What raises the question what more has changed....


            In the upper part is the old version. Below the new version of Minion Pro.






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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              Apparently, a correction was made to move the glyphs into their proper Unicode positions instead of private use area.


              Do you know of any glyphs that got lost moving to the new version?


                        - Dov