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    Adobe Flash Player Crashes?


      Good day if i were to say.



      anyways right of the bat recently i have been getting problems with the Adobe flash player. however i have not a clue if its related to adobe flash player, firefox or youtube.

      my problem is whenever i launch firefox my youtube will not load any videos or audio. however when i go to facebook for example i can just play regulair games.

      im not sure if thats a problem related to facebook firefox or adobe flash player so yeah here i am writhing a mail.

      when i remove n reinstall Adobe flash player it once again works fine. till i close the browser or restart my computer then once again it doesnt work.


      my curent version of Adobe flash player is  (atleast thats what the download page shows me)

      i use firefox version 7.0.1 the 64bit

      and im using Windows 7.  the 64bit system


      so yeah im not sure if its related to adobe, firefox or just youtube. and im rly sick n tired of having to restart and redo everything again.


      cya n hope to have a positive solution to my problem soon

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          Hitomi Kudo Level 3

          Can you try to see if IE and/or Chrome works fine or have same issue? That info help to see the next step.





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            Vikeyev Level 1

            alrighty i have taken a look with the IE and the chrome.

            i dont know which version my IE is becouse i never use it.


            the IE says there is No adore flash player installed at all.

            even though i have one installed....


            as for chrome. i had to download this one so tis the latest version but here it seems to work just fine.

            the videos load properly so nothing wrong with that.



            your name is rly Hitomi?! omg!! <3

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              Hitomi Kudo Level 3

              IE require different plug-in (Active-X) so please install it from IE by going to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ .


              If you don't mind, we would look into your FF crash log. Right after you get a FF crash and before sending report to Mozilla, can you copy crash log from:


              C:\Users\<your account>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\pending


              Please check file created time to guess which one is for most recent crash. The file extention should be  *.dmp.





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                Vikeyev Level 1

                very well. u can have the crash report.


                i dont use IE at all so the active X thingy doesnt mather to me on firefox right?


                err how do i show/send ya the crash report however?

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                  I'm having the exact same probelm too.

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                    Similiar problem here: Windows 7 64 bit, Flash crashes on Chrome, Firefox, and IE all the time.  Like every 5-10 minutes while playing Facebook games. All my browsers and my Flash are the latest versions.

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                      crea7or Level 1

                      Crashes too ;( It's very disappointing. Bluescreen while playing video. Youtube, dailymotion e.t.c.


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                        For what it's worth I have the same problem. Load & install for Firefox & IE and both run You Tube successfully. Then after closing down / rebooting they fail to run !

                        Both programmes are still evident on computer but have somehow been damaged !!


                        Help is obviously needed here !


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                          I'm getting this same shutdown screen at random times on Youtube.  (Still not sure what's triggering it yet.)


                          Using Win Xp Mce Sp3.  Explorer 8. Flash player 11.01.152


                          Hitomi, I did save the memory dump after last crash.


                          Please LMK if you need.



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                            10.3/ had this problem too.



                            My computer got crash with the latest Flash Player too.

                            And there is no BSOD, just like the picture below.


                            Last week, i can use Flash Media Encoder 3.2 broadcast video via justin.tv and watch it on my laptop, but when i "UPGRADE" to, everything is change.


                            If i watch the video resolution as 1280x720, 1500+128kbps, my computer would crash in 5mins, if i watch resolution as 1280x1024, it would carsh in 3mins. But there is no problem with youtube videos. I can watch 720p and 1080p videos without any problem. I've tried turn off the function "hardware acc", it still crash.


                            Maybe there is problem in latest version


                            Now i have to looking for older version on web cause there is no offical download on Adobe.com. My laptop is now using Flash Player found on web, and it can play over 20mins the videos i can't watch with


                            Hardware: HP TX2506

                            Windows 7 x64

                            CCC: 9.7

                            Display driver: 8.632.0.0 (HP.com site latest version)

                            Browsers: IE8.0 (crashed) / Opera 11.52 (crashed) / Chrome (crashed)

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                              kind of similar issue here, any 11.x version makes youtube vids make my whole screen go black and there is nothing i can do but reset my PC, happens with FF or IE.


                              Pretty sure I tried 10.x version and had some success then it apparently auto updated itself to 11.x and same problem again.


                              Can't remember exactly but same thing may have happened with 10.x version.


                              im 99% sure it only happens with youtube vids... just really really frustrating when a godamn mobile phone can watch youtube vids but my rig can't.

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                                Wimmo28 Level 1

                                Hello, As a Adobe employee are you not concerned that these problems are happening ?


                                Once again, in order to run You Tube this morning I have to download Adobe Flash 11 AGAIN !


                                Is no-one at Adobe interested ?

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                                  Adobe developers please keep in mind that the majority of people that go into Facebook and Farmville are not computer programers!  I tried going into Farmville and instructed I "HAD TO" download Flash 11 and if I choose an older version they may not be secure.  I tried loading 9 and it won't load.    have been on a two day adventure installing and uninstalling software.  Since I really don't know what I am doing I will probably have to buy a new computer or pay an arm and a leg to get my system put back together properly.  I have Vista Home Addition... I just can't believe how difficult your programers have made this... Since there are a lot of them out of work, maybe you need to hire some new ones!

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                                    We went to www.cbs.com to watch our shows from Tuesday night.  Received error message there saying that cbs.com requires Adobe Flash version 9.0. We already had version 10+.  Clicked on the "load" link and received version 11+.  Rebooted browser.  Same problem.  Rebooted computer.  Same problem.  Tried IE9, Chrome, and Firefox.  Same problem.  This is ridiculous!

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                                      I have had the same problem with ALL versions of Flash!  I keep updating, switching browsers and eventually the same thing happens...freezes and crashes.  SO, I've been doing a work-around, since Adobe hasn't corrected the problems with Flash.  I keep a blank tab open, click "tools" and clear the cache (not cookies...just webpages visited).  AND I always delete older versions, as suggested by Adobe.


                                      I'm not a gamer, but I use Youtube all the time!  It's a pain to have to keep stopping and clearing the cache, but it's the only way I can watch videos! 


                                      NOW, there is a "Settings Manager" and WE are supposed to know whether it's okay to allow "third parties" to store data on our computer?! 


                                      I use CCleaner AFTER I clear my browser, so I know my computer is clear of junk.  I have an older computer, use XP, and am very careful as to cleaning and maintenance. 


                                      After downloading the new ll.1 "fix", all worked fine for a couple of days, then I started getting all these error messages.  I'm not a computer tech, so how the heck do I know what to do with these?  There are no options like "send to Adobe", "report messages", etc....just "stop" or "continue". 


                                      You NEED to be a computer tech these days to simply view email and play some videos on Youtube!  Why rush out upgrades, when it seems to this average user, that since Flash Player just keeps on crashing, there is some problem with Flash...period. 


                                      My question is can I set Adobe Flash Manager to NOT allow third parties to store data on my computer, and will Youtube videos and others still work?  I think the manager is a good idea, but my head is about to explode here, as how the heck is an average user supposed to KNOW how to SAFELY configure the settings??


                                      About time to clear my cache...can't even USE browser longer than an hour, without cleaning.  Something is most def wrong with Flash Player..period.  I hope Adobe doesn't just doesn't push out another "fix", and the same cycle of "run for awhile, then crash"..that we have ALL been experiencing (no matter what type of computer you have or which browser you are on!)

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                                        chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                        For those running into crashes or BSOD's with Flash Player, please verify that you have the latest Flash Player, video drivers and audio drivers installed.  If crashes continue to occur, please see the following article that details the information we'll need to investigate further.  It also includes a link to bugbase.adobe.com where you can create a new bug report and attach your diagnostic files.


                                        How do I troubleshoot and report problems with Flash Player Video?




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                                          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                          In addition, the "How do I troubleshoot..." document references this, but please try disabling hardware acceleration to see if this makes any impact with your crashes.



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                                            crea7or Level 1

                                            > disabling hardware acceleration


                                            Did that a week ago and have no more crashes.

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                                              DonnaL5431 Level 1

                                              Okay, I have no idea what BSOD means...I'm guessing it has something to do with the heart attack causing "Blue Screen".


                                              I didn't wait 2 days for a reply, but rather went to the Norton Community Support site and resolved my problem with the Flash Player.


                                              1)  The update to 11.1 states you need a graphic RAM  of 128 mbs and you have NO choice, but to update to the latest version! So, we have to configure our computers to "fit" to Flash Player?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  I'm going to buy more RAM, as I have an older computer and with all the new bells and whistles, I need it.  WHY can't those of us with older computers simply use a version compatible with our computers?  Or isn't there one?  Not all of us can afford to update our computers to accomodate Flash Player.


                                              2)  You fail to state that not only isn't it necessary for us to allow access to our computer for either Flash OR any third parties, but that it's dangerous!  Norton states that this is a bad move, that third party cookies will embed and will then not be removed by the AV program.


                                              3)  I had already disabled the hardware acceleration.


                                              4)  After receiving Norton's advice, I deleted all data from my addons in my browser, opened the Flash Manager Setting tool, and blocked all access to my computer (no allowing Flash or third parties to access my computer).


                                              5)  I had already removed the 10+ version via the Program Removal in the Control Panel...but to be sure it was gone, I ran the uninstaller for the 10+ active x version AND I removed the 11.1 plugin, as I can only use IE now...Firefox and Chrome both hog up way too much CPU/Memory.  And it seems you can't have both the Activex version and Plugin version loaded and have smooth sailing.


                                              6)  After doing all of the above, I ran CCleaner to be sure all cookies and data stored were gone.  It can be downloaded free via Pirifoam...but do NOT mess with registry tool on CC, unless you really know what you're doing.  I've been using it for years and never changed the settings, and it clears cookies, history and remnants from uninstalled programs FAST.  I run CC every time I sign out of my browser...it's that fast!


                                              I was able to use Youtube for 6 hours last night and NO freezing or crashes!!  Of course, because of the fact that the "must load" 11.1 version, that uses 128 of graphic RAM, I still need to do a work-around, leave a tab open and periodically clear my cache.


                                              So, bottom line....Adobe is misleading us all, by suggesting we open access to our computer to both Flash Player and third parties (both totally unnessary for videos to function...so why is that?)  Is Adobe getting paid by those third parties to gather info?


                                              AND those of us with XP and older computers, have no choice but to update to a Flash that requires 128 mbs of graphic RAM, when my computer only has 32 mbs of graphic memory.  Why not make a Flash Player that works with older computers?  I'm sure I'm not the only person out there, who has an older computer.


                                              So, my computer won't be fully functional until I purchase more RAM, to comply with Adobe's requirements.


                                              Beware folks, do NOT allow Flash or third parties access to your computers!  I got this warning straight from Norton! 


                                              Why keep pushing out upgrades, without considering that not ALL people have brand new computers?


                                              AND why force udates that aren't even compatible with our computers?!  How about we have a choice?!


                                              AND why falsely demand access to our computers, when it isn't required and is actually dangerous?!


                                              When you see everyone from people like me (with an older computer) right through to those with new computers having that same problems, it's pretty obvious that something is very wrong with Flash Player.


                                              Thank God for Norton's great support site...not only do they address issues with their products, but also with ANY tech problems and in plain language, that the average user can understand.


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                                                robertinno Level 1

                                                I would like to code wolfe wave for IPAD, but i unable to find any info how to install flash plaer on ipad Is it possible?