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    the html doesn't  show the list of  actions

    Eran.Cohen Level 1

      i'm using a imac and macbook pro (mac os 10.6.8) with photoshop cs5 extended me version -- the tutorial works fine in photoshop, but the html doesn't show the list of actions...

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          Mira D Adobe Employee

          Hi Eran,


          Did you install the ScriptListener Plugin?


          To install the ScriptListener plug-in, please copy the file ScriptListener.plugin from Adobe Photoshop CS5/Scripting/Utilities/ and paste it into the folder Adobe Photoshop CS5/Plug-ins/Automate/.




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            I seem to have the same problem as Eran, the tutorial is working atleast the before and after part of it.

            ScriptListener Plugin is installed and the log is appearing on my deasktop.

            not sure if it is  recording, when i open the log is empty.



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              wil_li Adobe Employee

              One way to check whether or not the ScriptListener Plugin is working properly is to see if a) it is creating/updating the ScriptingListenerJS.log file on the Desktop and b) if that file actually contains anything.  For both Eran and Maaskeikke, it sounds like the log file *is* being created but that it is empty.  If that's the case, it seems like this might be an issue with the Script Listener Plugin, and I'm not sure exactly what to recommend.  I'll ask the folks who wrote the Script Listener if they have any thoughts and post an update on this forum.


              Here's one other thing to note: sometimes, the Script Listener does not write out instructions immediately after they are demonstrated in Photoshop.  In my experience, if you save the document at the end of your recorded demonstration, that often "flushes" all instructions to the Script Listener log file.  Please let me know if this helps.




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                Arnie_S Level 1

                I have the same problem.  Running on a Macbook Air, Lion OS.  I tried saving the file at the end of the tutorial, but that didn't seem to help.