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    CS5.5, QuickTime, and Windows 7


      I'm having an issue that appears to span programs that I haven't been able to find a solution for. 

      I'm still getting used to CS5.5 and haven't had a previous version of any of these Adobe products of my own although I used them all through college.  So basically I hope I'm not just overlooking something obvious here.


      Whenever I try to open .mov files in either PPro or After Effects, the program stops responding.  The files run fine in QuickTime (Version 7.7).  One of the files used the H.264 codec and I managed to get PPro to read it fine after following another person's issue on one of these forums and changing the extension to .mpg, but that's not working this time.  I don't get any message in the programs saying they can't find QT, they'll even pop up a preview frame at first.  But if I try doing much of anything else, they freeze and the program stops responding.

      After reading some other threads, these are what I've tried.  1) Changing extension, worked on one set of videos, not one the next  2) I have no anti-virus on this computer 3) I've turned off OpenGL in After Effects 4) I've reset AE's permissions (as per http://blogs.adobe.com/toddkopriva/2011/02/troubleshooting-quicktime-errors-with-after-eff ects.html).


      My computer is a brand new PC with Windows 7 Professional on it. It has 10 GB RAM, an Intel Core i5-2500 CPU with 3.30 GHz, and has an AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics card.  I can't tell whether it's something with the Computer's hardware, Adobe, or QT issue, or if it's something I'm doing.  Any help would be great.