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    InDesign Tagged Text for Cross-reference Entries

    Pat LaCosse

      I'm transforming XML to InDesign Tagged Text. The XML has index codes. For regular page entry type entries I'm having no problem outputting to the appropriate InDesign Tagged Text markup. However, I cannot figure out how to code cross-reference type entries. The document "Using Adobe InDesign Tagged Text CS5 Tagged Text" is extremely limited in its usefulness as it does not list all possible values for tag type tags, etc. I've tried dozens of tag combos and guesses at values. None have worked. Also, for some reason, even though I can create a "See x" type reference in the InDesign document, when I export to InDesign Tagged Text to look at the code, those tags are not included in the export.


      Does anyone have a more definitive list of possible IDTT index tag values?