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    kAIOpenDocumentAction error

    RogerWillCode Level 1

      AIActionManager is popping a dialog when I run my code.  It says, "The object 'Open' is not currently available"

      Does that mean that the path I am supplying to the file I want to open is bad or does it mean that this Action "OpenDocument" is not available?

      In my default actions list, it is not listed, but I am including "AIActionManager.h" and it is defined there.


      Running CS5, but using CS4 SDK and building code for CS4. (In XCode on a Mac).


      Here is a code snippet I am using:


      ASErr result = NULL;

      AIActionParamValueRef fActionParamValueRef = NULL;

      result = sAIActionManager->AIActionSetStringUS(fActionParamValueRef, kAIOpenDocumentNameKey,                                                             ai::UnicodeString("/Volumes/volumename/subfolder/filename.ai"));

      result = sAIActionManager->AIActionSetInteger(fActionParamValueRef, kAIOpenDocumentColorModelKey, kDocCMYKColor);

      result = sAIActionManager->PlayActionEvent(kAIOpenDocumentAction, kDialogOff, fActionParamValueRef);