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    Ink Overspray on Prints: Lightroom or Epson Issue?

    Jay Mitchosky

      I have a printing problem that has been frustrating me for some time.  Using LR3, Mac Pro with OS Snow Leopard, Epson 3880 printer.  Issue is this - when I print an image that doesn't fit precisely within the layout cell (ie. different aspect ratio, and not zooming to fill to preserve full image) there is a slight overspray that occurs on the edges between where the image ends and the balance of the layout cell.  It's very light but very noticeable.  If I modify a print template so that the image stays the same size but I just close in the open ends of the cell there is no "overspray" (for lack of a better word).


      Is this an issue with Lightroom or Epson that the entire cell is being perceived as a printable area regardless of the actual image dimension?