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    Create a pattern for my text from a photo

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      I know there are a lot of questions about swatches out there, but I would like to be more specific here . I am using the latest in Illustrator and Photoshop (trial version).


      I have some text that I would like to fill with a swatch that I would like to create from an image. Say, for example, I have a picture of a Christmas tree. I would like to select a small square of that Christmas tree and make it into a swatch. I would then like to select some text and fill it with that new swatch.


      If there is no way to do this in Illustrator, Photoshop is fine.


      Could anybody tell me how to do this?



      Thank you so much,


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          It's a bit cumbersome because you intend to use part of an imported image. For some reason, you cannot clip an image in Illustrator -- you always get the same dimensions as the original image. And that's important -- see below.

          Fortunately, there is a workaround using the Transparency Flattener -- see How to Crop a Photo in Illustrator.


          Here are the steps:


          Screen shot 2011-10-20 at 10.05.23 PM.png


          1. Drag your image into Illustrator (top left).

          2. Draw a small square over the part you want to use as a swatch (top right).

          3. Fill this with White and set the transparency to 0%.

          4. Select both image and rectangle and select Object -> Flatten Transparency.

          5. Ungroup the new object and delete the larger image. All that's left is your target rectangle (bottom left).

          6. Drag this rectangle onto the Swatches panel. You can see it in mine in the 4th row as the last one.

          7. Now draw any shape -- or in your case, type any text -- and click on the swatch to set its fill.