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    Extension user interface design

    david_a_clark Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      I'm looking into how Adobe can help developers make their extensions look better integrated with the Creative Suite.


      Probably the most common request we've heard in the past is for an improved Creative Suite Flex theme SWC.


      Do you have any further thoughts/feature requests in this area?


      I would be particularly interested to know whether you use CSXSLibrary to get the host application's skin information. If you do, does the API provide sufficient information to customise your extension's appearance effectively? If not, is there anything you'd like to see changed in the API for it to be useful to you? Here are the classes currently available:

      • AppSkinInfo - accessible through CSXSInterface.getHostEnvironment()
      • AppReskinEvent - dispatched when a CS app changes its appearance.


      All feedback much appreciated.