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    Rounded Rectangles with 1px stroke

    Stowball Level 1

      Is there anyway in Fireworks 8 to draw a rounded rectangle with a 1px stroke that anti-aliases the corners but not the main lines?

      Using a soft brush makes the main lines 2px thick, and using a hard brush makes the corners inconsistent and not anti-aliased.

      I would have thought this would have been a simple task, which I can accomplish in Paint Shop Pro with ease. I'm not a huge user of Photoshop, so I couldn't work out how to anti-alias the stroke, but by default produces the same results as Fireworks using a hard stroke.

      I have uploaded an example here: http://www.mattstow.com/images/rr_test.gif

      Many thanks in advance if you know the answer. It would be a life saver!