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    Adobe Edge (navto://) with DPS

    shimoawazu Level 1



      I try to create Index page of DPS with Adobe Edge.


      On Adobe Edge, I can set upl open on button image (window.open("http://www.adobe.com", "_self"); and it works well.

      Then I canged http:// to navto://Stack_name, it doesn't work....just alert message like "it is not effective url".


      I want to set navto:// on button image with Edge.


      How to do it?


      Is there any sample for it, please let me know.


      Thank you.

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          Johannes Eckert Adobe Employee

          If Edge is not accepting your URL, I'm afraid you need to modify the Edge

          output manually after export. search and replace your link.



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            shimoawazu Level 1

            I searched js file and "navto" is as below,


            Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "${_navigation5}", "vclick", function(e) {

            // Navigate to a new URL in the current window

            // (replace "_self" with another name for a new window)

            window.open("navto://Index", "_self");



            I tapped "navigation5" on iPad, then browser page comes up with alert message as below,


            Cannoot Open Page

            This page cannot be opened becase of an error.

            This error is "The URL can't be shown" (101).



            How to modify it?


            Is there any sample for it, please let me know.


            Thank you.

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              vividi Level 1

              To Shimoawazu,



              I've just posted this again as I'm also getting Cannot open page "The URL can't be shown" (101).



              Maybe someone out there could advise us on the error.







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                This problem is caused because Edge uses window.open JavaScript method to open URLs.


                We have created a work around by appending an anchor <a> tag inside the <div> that should be linked. Here are the details:

                1. You no longer need to add an Action to the <div> that will be clickable.
                2. Instead, add the following code as a Trigger. By going to Timeline => Insert Trigger

                  var myElementVar = sym.lookupSelector('myElementID');

                  $(myElementVar).append($('<a style="display:block;width:100%;height:100%;" href="navto://MyArticleLink" />'));

                  * Note that "myElementID" should be the ID of the clickable <div> element.
                  * You can also change myElementVar to distinguish it from other variables.
                  * You can repeat the above code for each clickable element. Note that you'll need to change myElementID and myElementVar to be unique.
                3. Save the Trigger and test.


                This will create an <a> tag inside the <div> that you want to be clickable, instead of calling window.open JavaScript method, which will work seamlessly on Adobe Content Viewer when published to Adobe Digital Publishing.


                See this link for illustrated screenshots.

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                  shimoawazu Level 1

                  Thank you for your answer.


                  I comfirmed your advice works perfect.


                  Thank you very much.



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                    Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

                    This thread and its answer dates back quite some months,

                    and by now we're in Adobe CS6 and all. Time for an update ?

                    I recently received a question from a course attendee of mine,

                    regarding this matter. She was also having similar difficulties

                    with Edge's default links to navigate to articles, and she got

                    this helpful and working advice from someone at Woodwing:


                    I've played around a bit with the navto functionality

                    and I can confirm that window.open("navto://something")

                    doesn't work. However, if you change that to

                    window.location = "navto://something", it will work.

                    At least on iPad. The desktop Content Viewer only seems

                    to work with <a href="navto://something"> tags.


                    Can some of you scripting hero's shine a light on this ?

                    I hate to tell Edge users to dig into the code of their files...

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                      Hi guys


                      I have the same problem right now, try do link my folio article with an animated index of content, made in edge animate. Please can you tell me what exactly I have to fill in action by klick. It is the same action like "open url", but different code?


                      What I have to change for the reason "navto://article" works?


                      wrong: window.open("navto://article");



                      I am looking forward to hear from you.


                      Kind regards, Sit