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    Do I need RoboHelp Server to publish RoboHelp WebHelp/WebHelp Pro?




      I used RoboHelp to create online Help for a web application many years ago. As I remember it, it was very easy. My developers told me where to upload the files, and I told them what file to reference from the web application.


      Now I'm in a different company and about to start using RoboHelp to create online Help for a web application. I have RoboHelp, but I don't have RoboHelp Server. My developer is asking me questions about the server and server licensing. I don't recall ever having these concerns the last time I used RoboHelp, and so now I'm confused.


      I think the reason I didn't need RoboHelp Server the first time is because I generated WebHelp and not WebHelp Pro. Is that right? And so I would only need RoboHelp Server if I wanted to generate WebHelp Pro?


      So if I have all that right, and if I just want to generate WebHelp, then what information do I need to provide to my developer? I will not have any "server and server licensing" information to provide to him, right?


      And on the other hand, if we decided we wanted WebHelp Pro, then we have to purchase the $999 RoboHelp Server, is that right?


      Your help is appreciated!