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    How to purchase LCCS?




      We're currently building a service based upon Adobe LCCS. I'm tasked with the documenting the ways of purchasing LCC service.


      I've found this link: http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/collaborationservice/faq/#pricing


      It says "LiveCycle Collaboration Service can be purchased directly from Adobe sales for Enteprise, the Adobe Store on a pay-per-use basis or from our partnerConnectSolutions." in answer to the question "How can I purchase LiveCycle® Collaboration Service?". But how can make a purchase from Adobe sales for enterprise?



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          Fang Chang Level 2

          Hi barisyesilcicek,


          On the linked page, there is pane on the right-hand side labelled "Next Steps."  You can either call or send an electronic request for more information to purchase from Adobe sales.


          Let me know if you have other questions or concerns.




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            Dennis King

            I also would like to know how to purchase a LCCS license, however we are not an enterprise, but a startup.  A startup offering a service based on LCCS that hopefully will reach the threshold of "enterprise" status.


            As a startup going out for funding, we need to know the cost of bringing the LCCS platform in-house.  As we scale, it's important to know the economic trade off and timing of leaving the Adobe hosted service.


            So I called the number in the "Next Steps" panel to get pricing information.  The agent I spoke with would not talk to me because I'm not an enterprise, and he would not respond to a follow up email explaining the need for the info.  Then I called ConnectSolutions, the 3rd party provider mentioned on the LCCS web page.  The sales agent I spoke with knew nothing about providing a hosted LCCS service.


            So what does it take to get this information for Adobe?

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              Nigel Pegg Level 4

              Hi there,


              If the question is : “How can I purchase LCCS to bring it in-house”, the answer is that we don’t offer it that way – LCCS is, fundamentally, a hosted service, and we don’t plan to offer it for on-premise install.


              hope that helps


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                Dennis King Level 1



                Thanks for your response.  So is what you are saying that the LCCS web page pertaining to pricing and 3rd party offerings is incorrect?  Has Adobe's policy always been not to sell a license, or is this new with the evolution of LiveCycle products(minus the Collaboration Service module) over to the ADEP world?


                Dennis King

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                  Nigel Pegg Level 4

                  Hi nwtreker,


                  Adobe has never sold on-premise licenses for LCCS. We have had an agreement w/ ConnectSolutions whereby they could also provide hosting – this also wasn’t on-premise.


                  If you’d like to discuss pricing models other than the PPU model we offer off-the-shelf, feel free to contact us at (product acronym)@adobe.com. As a caveat, we typically only discuss alternative pricing when there is upside for both parties.