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    Admin guides?


      Can anyone point me in the direction of Flash Administation guides greater than 10.1? All i can seem to find on Adobes site is 10.1 and i am presuming there must be a new one for 11.x (but then presumption is the mother of all .......).



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          josh.dura Adobe Employee

          Unfortunately, we do not have an updated version of the admin guide ready for 11.0 yet, but the probably 99% of the content in the 10.1 guide will apply for 11.0. Are there any specific elements of the guide that aren't working for you?

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            UKHazzie Level 1

            Hi Josh. Thanks for the reply. Not so much elements not working, i just need to know what is configurable and if any new elements have made there into what can be put into the mms.cfg between version 10.1 and 11.x.


            Do you know if there are any plans to move the options out of the mms.cfg and into the registry on windows boxes?