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    using air to send a tweet




      here is what i'm trying to do. all i want to do is to sent a tweet through a desktop (kiosk) air app. the issue is two fold. it seems like no matter what i do i need to have the twitter pop up auth window show up. i can work around that one to make sure it doesnt break the app out of full screen mode. the other issue is that since it's a kiosk there is no keyboard. there is a on screen keyboard built into the app, but i'm not sure how i can have that keyboard access the pop up window textfields in order to enter login information. right now the keyboard works by having event listeners on the textfields (i also use it to email from the kiosk) and when you click on the textfield it places the focus there and you can enter information. since the pop up is a html file that i have no control over how would i connect the on screen keyboard to those test fields?


      thanks i know someone has some idea how to get around this!!